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  16 Responses to “Bobanum Moliyum by Toms”

  1. Very nice work, all cartoons are good, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. So cute creativity. your all posts are so good.

  3. Hey very funny cartoon creativity…very creative post hmm!!!

  4. Ahaha

    I loled at this. Very good.

  5. Another excellent comic strip!

  6. oh dear , please pass my comment, I’m going to die!

  7. HAHAHAHA good cartoon!

  8. Good work! You are a good cartoonist!

  9. Excellent work! I have enjoyed it!
    Nice creativity!

  10. you are right, very funny but it is too good.

  11. This comic strip is very brilliant. It is not a trying hard funny comics. I love it. Keep posting.

  12. Lol, well worth the read.

  13. The comic characters look very interesting. However, to be honest, I do not know the language of the captions, but still I can assume the story because of my childhood experience of reading lots of comics.

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